School’s Mission

Adat provides an enriching environment that empowers each student to excel academically, reinforces self-confidence, inspires leadership, and instills a love of learning, while fostering a strong sense of community. Our unique approach fuses innovation with tradition, linking robust general studies, arts, and athletic programs with the development of Jewish identity and values. At Adat, we value in our 21st Century Elementary School:

  • Children who are motivated to learn
  • Teachers who are passionate about showing the way
  • Parents who support and inquire
  • Resources with depth and variety
  • New technologies that enhance learning
  • Administrators and educators who are concerned about each individual student
  • Judaic studies that link students to their past while preparing them for the future
  • Physical education, drama, music, dance, and art to enrich young bodies and minds

…so that every student can learn who they are as Jews and Americans, and learn how to think deeply.


Our Address:

12020 Burbank Boulevard Valley Village, CA 91607

General Info

Grade Levels:

K - 6th





Student Population: