The Episcopal School of Los Angeles

An independent, college-preparatory day school serving grades 6-12. 27-Sep-2020

The ESLA Model

At ESLA, we abide by one simple truth: The best educational tool for any young person is the collaboration and camaraderie of peers from different backgrounds—peers who have stories and perspectives to share, the stuff of life that simply cannot be gleaned from a textbook. A truly exceptional, transformative education requires a diverse and equitable learning environment. It gives students access to entire worlds and worldviews they might never otherwise encounter. It opens their hearts and minds to the concerns, struggles, and joys of others—knowledge that will forever shape their convictions and actions in life.

Study after study shows that students from diverse classrooms have greater cultural competencies and are better prepared for higher education and life beyond. But this is about far more than college prep. Breaking down the barriers in our society goes hand in hand with breaking down the barriers in our schools, and preparing tomorrow’s ethical leaders requires ethical educational practices—right now, today.

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Grade Levels:
6 - 12th
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