Financial Aid

We are dedicated to making an independent school education available to a diverse population. All member schools offer financial aid that is need-based. Financial aid awards can vary from full aid to a percentage of the tuition to help ensure the enrollment of families from all income levels. Financial aid is not a loan, and it does not need to be repaid. Financial aid budgets vary, and demand always exceeds available funds so it is important to follow each school’s procedures carefully and meet all deadlines. Although each school may have its own documents and policies, there are certain resources and procedures shared by all, such as: the Parent Financial Statement form and the use of an independent agency to process and evaluate tax returns. Some of the services commonly used, and their web sites, are listed below for your reference. For more specific information about financial aid, contact the respective school’s admissions director or financial aid officer.

Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid and School Tuition (FAST)