Berkeley Hall School

Fearless scholars. Conscientious Citizens 17-Sep-2020

Berkeley Hall students are fearless scholars and conscientious citizens. They develop as active thinkers and difference makers expressing respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion. Their growth mindset allows them to discover their gifts no matter what the obstacle. From Nursery through eighth grade, our intentionally aligned curriculum challenges students to fulfill their unlimited potential in an atmosphere of support and individual attention. Teachers see the students the way you see your children – as full of potential and unlimited possibility. Career-track teachers with advanced degrees facilitate excellence through the use of not only innovative programs and advanced technology, but researched on-going teaching techniques through our signature Depth of Study program.

A Berkeley Hall student will spend part of their classroom time gathered on the rug for a mini-lesson (yes, even middle schoolers!), part of their time working in small groups or conferencing individually with teachers, part of their time sharing aloud and in writing their thought process, and part of their time building in our Innovation Lab or exploring or playing sports on our 66-acre campus.

Berkeley Hall is where challenging academics are coupled with a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others. Our long history is deeply grounded in our sense of community and in our commitment to a global standard of educational excellence. We are dedicated to inspiring students to excel in academics, to be active thinkers, and to be conscientious stewards of the world.

We foster a diverse community infused with possibility and promise. Join us for an Admissions Open House and schedule a tour.

Grade Levels:
PS - 8th
Student Population: