Calvary Christian School

Academic Excellence | Christian Values | Leadership | Service 18-Sep-2020

Calvary Christian school is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of Christian values preparing students for lives of service and leadership.

Nestled in the hills of Pacific Palisades, a mile off the coast, Calvary Christian School is a nurturing and technology-rich preschool through eighth grade, preparatory school for students who love to learn and engage with the world around them. Calvary combines rigorous academic preparation with the arts, technology, athletics, community service, and an emphasis on Christian moral and ethical development. Calvary’s students are brimming with interests and high achievements as they conduct themselves with love, integrity, faith, and humility, nourished by everlasting friendships and the support of a faith-filled faculty, staff, and parent community.

Students have access to beautiful outdoor learning areas, expansive athletic facilities, and a vast selection of enrichment programs including theater, music, fine arts, Spanish, leadership, cultural education, science, and innovation programs. Calvary Christian School’s academically challenging curriculum cultivates future leaders dedicated to lifelong service. Students are encouraged to daily apply their faith through building a community of belonging and sharing their knowledge and skills to make the world a better place. Students who attend Calvary Christian School become part of a larger family that serves as a force for good across Los Angeles and the world.

Grade Levels:
PS - 8th
Student Population: