John Thomas Dye School

Caring | Cooperation | Common Sense | Consideration | Courtesy 21-Sep-2020

School’s Mission

The John Thomas Dye School, an independent elementary school, provides for its students a program of academic excellence, one both traditional and dynamic, with a commitment to family and community. The school encourages its students to reach their highest individual potential intellectually, artistically, and physically; it nurtures their emotional, moral and social development, and prepares them to meet the challenges of a diverse and competitive world. We believe the education of a child is the responsibility of the parents, the child, and the faculty of the School. Each of these three influences is an integral part of a successful educational experience for the child. This basic philosophy has enabled the school to develop an atmosphere that stresses the right of each individual to be different and unique while developing confidence, mutual respect, and a degree of cooperation, allowing the student to strive for higher academic achievement, to develop an understanding of the rights of others, and to grow in self esteem. Our goal is to have each student grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically, thus enabling each to be a creative, productive, and responsible contributor to society.

Grade Levels:
K - 6th
Student Population: