Los Encinos School

Think Big. Start SMALL. 21-Sep-2020

Nothing is bigger than childhood. This is precisely why Los Encinos is a smaller school than most. We know life never gets more magnificent than this magical window of time, so we are committed to helping young children experience it fully. This means keeping our school small enough to deliver a vast education. Big thinking, big opportunities, big fun — all made exceptionally possible by staying small. Los Encinos is a close-knit learning community where everyone knows each other; where we honor diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences, and value equity, inclusion, and justice; where cooperation and friendship span all grades; where students feel both safe and excited to take risks and try new things. This is the power of small. Around here we’re always open to creative and unconventional lessons, and we’re agile enough to adapt our teaching strategies without bureaucratic delay. We work and play together like family. Unrestricted by rigid programmatic mandates, we have the freedom to transform education into a thrilling journey of personal experiences. This is how the curiosity of children becomes a deep and lasting engagement with learning. Yes, it takes determination and bold vision to remain small in a world that instinctively praises bigger and more. But this is exactly our promise to you: the wondrous advantages of a small, keenly focused elementary school. Because nothing is bigger than childhood. And to us that’s what matters most at Los Encinos School.
Grade Levels:
K - 6th
Student Population: