Pilgrim School

Nurturing the mind, spirit, and moral awareness of our students. 21-Sep-2020

School’s Mission

The mission of Pilgrim School is to nurture the mind, spirit and moral awareness of our students.

School’s Values

Pilgrim School is committed to:

Enriching the mind:

  • By developing strong academic and critical thinking skills.
  • By using tools and technologies to expand innovative thinking.
  • Through personal attention and support for each student.

Nurturing the spirit:

  • By offering participation for all students in the fine, visual, and performance arts, as well as team sports through our “no-cut” policy for athletics.
  • By cultivating a climate of appreciation for the diverse contributions of people of all religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

Enabling thoughtful moral choices for the 21st century:

  • Through the extraordinary diversity of our school, students of all backgrounds and beliefs study, work, and play in a context of mutual respect, preparing them to be global citizens and ethical leaders.
  • By participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including community service, students learn the benefits of teamwork, cooperation, and shared experiences.
Grade Levels:
PS - 12th
Student Population: