Pressman Academy of Temple Beth Am

Developing Minds, Nurturing Hearts, Instilling Jewish Values 21-Sep-2020

School’s Mission

The Pressman Academy is a learning community in which educational innovation and excellence among students, faculty, and parents are actively encouraged. The Academy appreciates the needs and talents of all its students, and regards their shared and individual creativity as its most precious resource. We encourage the balanced development of the whole person, valuing both intellectual growth and social and emotional development. Toward that end, our classrooms strive to use multiple modes of teaching and expression drawing from the language arts, creative arts, math and sciences, and athletics. Pressman Academy embraces the preservation of Jewish tradition and values while fully engaging the complex world around. Pressman students are immersed in a rich dual curriculum that teaches them to be serious and committed Jews and responsible American citizens. Integration between Jewish and secular, Hebrew and general studies, the individual and the community stands at the center of Pressman’s educational mission.

Grade Levels:
TK - 8th
Student Population: