The Buckley School

Promoting development of a student’s mind, body, and character. 27-Sep-2020

School’s Mission

The Buckley School is a co-educational, K-12 independent day school located in Sherman Oaks, CA. At The Buckley School, our intentionally small and deeply supportive learning environment empowers both rigorous academics and joy in learning. Every day, our inspired faculty encourages students to push themselves to new heights of learning and to new depths of self-knowledge. We do this because authentic, passionate learners find happiness and success in school, are valued by colleges, and develop the tools to lead full and meaningful lives.

In all divisions of The Buckley School, our educational philosophy—the Buckley 4-Fold Plan of Education—closely integrates academics, arts, physical education, and moral education. We believe that each pursuit informs the others and that students should have knowledge and appreciation across a range of fields. Combined with Buckley’s small size, the 4-Fold Plan provides more meaningful opportunities for involvement than would be possible with a larger student body, and promotes a fully rigorous program that is balanced, yet vigorous.

“Dare to be True,” the School’s motto, says a great deal about our approach to education. Today more than ever, parents are imploring schools to partner with them as they guide their children’s moral development. For 80 years, moral education has been a foundational part of Buckley’s core curriculum. You can see this reflected in the respectful, supportive and truly happy students on Buckley’s campus.

At Buckley, we prioritize truly knowing and supporting each student and creating an inclusive campus. We believe this allows students to feel safe and take risks that lead to discoveries that enrich their learning and their lives.

Grade Levels:
K - 12th
Student Population: